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Security Services

  • Digital Security

    Your online life is still your life. Protect yourself with Telefónica services.

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  • Protect your family

    Telefónica offers advanced parental control and tracking services.

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  • Digital Security Guides

    Learn about online risks and tips for your digital life.

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  • Learn by playing

    Fight against online threats with the Online Fighter game.


Security Services

Interesting facts

  • There are 18 victims of cybercrime per second

    22 %

    22% of links found on search engines are malicious

    33 %

    33% of teens have contact with strangers on Facebook.

    20 %

    20% of users have accidentally deleted important information from their PCs.

    2 hours

    It takes 2 hours to crack a password with eight lowercase letters and 200 hours if it contains an uppercase letter.

    154 million

    154 million email accounts have been compromised in the last three years.

    8.1 million

    8.1 million victims of identity theft each year result in a loss of billions of dollars.

  • 600.000 cuentas de Facebook comprometidas

    Over 600,000 Facebook accounts are broken into each day

    85 %

    85% of online harassment or cyberbullying occurs on Facebook.

    32 %

    32% of young people intentionally access online pornography.

    85 %

    85% of users install an antivirus on their PC but only 18% on their smartphone or tablet.

    89 %

    89% of public Wi-Fi networks are unprotected and can be used by hackers.  

    54 %

    54% of users do not protect their phones with a password, leaving data exposed.

    32 GB

    32 GB can store 8,000 songs, 300,000 documents, 9,000 photos.

Useful guides to keep you and your family safe

Our security experts

Chema Alonso

CEO Eleven Paths

"The user should be concerned about cybercrime. If users think "I have nothing a cyber-criminal can use," they are very wrong because there is always something that can be useful: your privacy, your computer, your files, your documents, your Internet connection, etc."

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